Useful English Greetings | How to greet people in English | Good Morning, Good Evening etc

You can make somebody’s gloomy day a pleasant one by just greeting them in the right way. With sharp careers this video you will learn how to wish and greet people when you meet them and what to say when you leave. This will help you not only in standing out from others but will also make you more confident. 

Let us look at the content covered.

From morning till 12 noon we greet people with ‘Good Morning’
‘Hello’ is used to greet people when you meet them.
From 12 noon till 5 pm we greet people saying ‘Good afternoon’
From 5 pm till 12 midnight when you meet a person you greet then saying ‘good evening’

Note- you never say ‘good night’ when you are meeting a person.

When you leave a person and take leave then during the day you can greet them by saying ‘good day’, ‘have a good day’, ‘have a nice day’
When during the night you are taking leaving you greet the other person by saying ‘good night’, ‘good bye, see you later
Red carpet treatment- means to receive someone very nicely.
He gave me red carpet treatment.

Bye-bye: can be used at any time whether day or night.
Hi to you- is said when you meet someone.
How do you do- to ask how a person is.

Salutation- given at the time of welcome

I was given a warm welcome.
Welcome to India.
You are welcome.
You are welcome to stay here as long as you wish.
You are most welcome to use my phone.
I welcome your suggestions.

Thanks- expression of gratitude
He thanked me for the present.

Grateful- showing appreciation for something.
I shall be highly obliged/grateful to you.

All the above sentences hold an important place when you greet someone.
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