Dress Related Sentences | तुम्हारी साडी बहुत सुंदर है। Learn English Speaking

In this video learn various Dress Related Sentences | तुम्हारी साडी बहुत सुंदर है। Learn English Speaking

It is rightly said that first impression is the last impression. And the first thing we notice about someone is their dress and their get-up. Hence dresses play an important role when it comes to leaving an impression on someone.

Dress can be anything you can wear however, uniform is an attire used in schools and colleges  to make everybody look similar.

Let us learn some sentences related to dresses.

  1. This cloth is sold at rupees 10 per meter.
  2. This cloth is nice but the color is fast, befitting children.
  3. Please don’t forget to wear a tie.
  4. But tie is out of fashion now.
  5. Wear old shirt and new coat over it.
  6. At first, man is judged by the clothes he wears.
  7. So always be attentive to your clothes.
  8. Come after changing your dress I am waiting for you in the drawing room.
  9. What is the matter? Now a days you wear very modern dresses.
  10. Meena was clad in a charming silken saree.
  11. Why are you doing so much makeup today?
  12. I am doing my makeup for the fair.
  13. Never wear wet clothes it is injurious to health.
  14. You look very attractive in this dress today.
  15. Your saree is very beautiful where did you purchase it from.
  16. This shirt is a bit tight at my shoulder, I will get it changed.
  17. Please show me fine shirtings and woollen suitings.
  18. His suit is not similar to mine it is slightly different.
  19. I want to get a woollen suit tailored.
  20. Where are you going dressed in your best?
  21. Some people wear sarong in place of payzamas.

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