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We often go out with our friends and family for dining. But, have you ever felt how to start a conversation when out with friends in a restaurant and what to talk about?

If you ever find yourself in such a situation you can watch this video. In this video, we will teach you how to carry out a conversation in normal life.

Following content is covered in this video:

How to describe a restaurant, eg. “it looks like a nice restaurant”
Yes it is.
How to suggest where to sit. “let us sit over there”
I have come here many times. Let us sit there. Ok
How to ask for the menu and the response to the same.

Eg. can you pass me a menu please?

Sure why not. Here it is.
What would you like to have- this can be a conversation with your friend or this can be a question from the waiter as well.
“I would like to have a glass of cold drink.”Or “I would like to have a cup of tea/coffee”
What about you? To ask the other person what they will like to have.
Lunch- afternoon meal
Dinner- evening meal
I would like to have lunch.
Are you veg. or non veg.?
I am veg.
Ok here is your food. Please have it.
Have some curd also.
How to offer more food to your friend. Eg. please have some more rice.
How to refuse politely if you don’t want to eat more by saying “no thanks”. I am not used to rice.
Would you like some lime pickle?
Two chapatis will not satiate me.
It will do.
Potato and tomato is my favourite dish.
Do not take water on an empty stomach.
Meal should be taken peacefully with concentration.
Salt is lesser in the dish.
Salt is too much in the dish.
Just taste some sweet dish.
You are taking little. Take some more/have some more/please have a little more.
Thanks, I have had much.
It is important after the meal to ask that whether the person liked it or not.
How did you like the food.
How to inform someone that the food is ready and the response to the same.

Eg. the food is ready, come have it.

No, I have no appetite yet.
My friend is glutton. He does not eat less than 8 chapatis at a time.
If the table is set for eating you can say ‘help yourself’
The pot is in front of you please help yourself.
The above sentences are an example of a conversation between two friends taking meal together. These are some of the english translations of some of the common sentences we use in hindi. Please watch the complete video for better learning.
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