“चंचल” 7 English words and use

In this English speaking lesson in Hindi, you will learn – “चंचल ” 7 English words and use. These are very useful English sentences for daily use.

“चंचल” Playfull (Adj.)

  1. She was a playful girl.
  • (Adj) Fickle –  He was fickleminded boy.

The climate at the hill Stations is very fickle.

  • (Adi) Flighty – some boys are flighty in behaviour.
  • Frivolous – Tacta – Her boyfriend acts in a frivolous manner.
  • Harebrained – The girl was harebrained.
  • Shaky: The government is looking shaky now.
  • Unstable = My job is unstable these days. (company)

I am sure these English sentences would give you a good practice of English. Start using these sentences and make your English fluent and confident.

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