Infinitive verb की 1st form से पहले ‘To’ लगाने से बनती है।  Simple infinitive works as noun.

There are some verbs with which infinitive is used as object i.e. agree, attempt, choose, decide, expect, hope, offer, promise, refuse, want, wish etc.

For example –

  • I have decided to go there.
  • I want to eat mangoes.

There are some verbs after that ‘to’ is not used i.e. let, make, hear, see, bid, need, dare etc.

For example –

  • Let him sleep.
  • See you in the morning.

Use of infinitive as noun –

  • To walk is good for health.
  • To see is to believe.

Use of infinitive as adverb –

  • I have come here to play.
  • He is eager to meet you.

Use of infinitive as adjective –

  • This house is to let.
  • This is not the time to play.