Adjective is a part of speech which tells the quality of a noun or pronoun. Adjective is a word which is used to add something to the meaning of a noun or pronoun. For example- A beautiful girl, a black monkey, a fat man etc.

Kinds of Adjective

Adjectives are of seven kinds:

  1. Adjective of Quality
  2. Adjective of Quantity
  3. Adjective of Number
  4. Demonstrative Adjective
  5. Interrogative Adjective
  6. Emphasizing Adjective
  7. Exclamatory Adjective

1. Adjective of Quality

This Adjective tells about the quality of a noun or a pronoun. Adjective of quality का प्रयोग 2 प्रकार से होता है:

(i) Attributive Use:  जहां Adjective का प्रयोग कर्ता के साथ होता है. For example:
The naughty boy was punished.
A beautiful girl was dancing.

(ii) Predicative Use: जहां Adjective का प्रयोग predicate भाग (कर्ता के इलावा) के साथ होता है. For example:
He is a naughty boy.
There was a beautiful girl.

2. Adjective of Quantity

This adjective tells about the quantity of a noun.
यदि आप “How much” का प्रयोग करेंगे तो उत्तर में Adjective of Quantity प्राप्त होगा. For example:
They have enough money.
Mohit ate all the apples.

 3. Adjective of Number

This adjective tells about the number of a noun. For example:
Tuesday is the third day of the week.
There are ten chocolate in the box.

Adjective of Number can be divided into three parts:

  1. Definite numeral adjective: Examples are One, Two Three etc, First, Second, Third etc
  2. Indefinite numeral adjective: Examples are All, Many, Some, Any etc.
  3. Distributive numeral adjective: Examples are Each, Every, Either, Neither etc.

4. Demonstrative Adjective

When This, That, These, Those are used before noun, they are called “Demonstrative Adjective”. For example:
This girl is more beautiful.
That man is clever.

There is difference between “Demonstrative Pronoun” and “Demonstrative Adjective”. For example:
This is my book. (Demonstrative Pronoun)
This book is mine. (Demonstrative Adjective)

5. Interrogative Adjective

When in interrogative sentence, after interrogative word, noun is used then the interrogative word is called “Interrogative Adjective”. For example:
Which movie are you watching?
Whose lunch box is this?

6. Emphasizing Adjective

If a noun comes after emphasizing word; that emphasizing word is called “Emphasizing Adjective”. For example:
He is his own master.
I saw it with my eyes.

7. Exclamatory Adjective

These adjective are used for exclamation and noun comes right after it.  For example:
What a piece of work!
What a stupid step!