“भोगना या भुगतना” word and use of undergone.

In this English speaking lesson in Hindi, you will learn – “भोगना  या भुगतना ” English word and use of undergone. These are very useful English sentences for daily use.
भोगना ( या भुगतना” (V) Suffered)
1. I have been Suffering from fever since last night.
2. He haš been Suffering from a severe pain for many days.
3. He died instantly, he did not suffer at all.
4. I Suffered enormous losses. ( हानि ).
5. She suffer from Stomachache (Headache)
( N )    ( II ) Suffering – परेशानी -She Keeps Complaining about her sufferings.
( Adj.) ( III ) Sufferable – बर्दास्त के लायक – My Pain is not ……..
           ( IV ) Sufferance – बर्दाश्त की ताकत – She hos lost her…….
2. (I) Undergone  –  The widow underwent terrible hardships.
    (II) She is undergoing medical treatment in Apollo hospital.
    (III) My mother is undergoing an operation.
I am sure these English sentences would give you a good practice of English. Start using these sentences and make your English fluent and confident.
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