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Learning the use of will have to

I today’s video we will learn about the use of will have to and the structure of different forms of sentences using it.

Affirmative Sentence Structure

Subject+ will/shall have+infinitive (to+first form of verb)+object.

I and we- shall have is used
You, they, he, she, name- will have will be used.
I shall have to read the book.
I shall have to go.
I shall have to play cricket.
I shall have to learn english.
I shall have to lie.
I shall have to run.
I shall have to scold him/rebuke him.
He will have to read.
She will have to write a letter.

Negative Sentences Structure

Subject+shall not have to+ verb (first form)+object.

I shall not have to read.

Interrogative Sentences Structure

will/shall+subject+have to+ verb(first form)+object?

Shall I have to read the book?

why/when/how+will/shall+subject+have (infinitive)+object?

Why shall I have to read the book?
When will he have to read the book?
How will he have to play cricket?
Why will my father have to sell the T.V?
Why will you have to dance?
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