Word of the Day – Stake

Learn the meaning and usage of ‘Stake’, Phrasal Verb, One Word Substitution, Proverb, Homophones and Syntax.

In today’s video we will learn the meaning and usage of the word stake and various other important things.

Stake means a wooden or metal post used to tie something.

For instance: Tie the goat to the stake.

To burry a stake. For instance: I have fixed a stake.

It also means to establish oneself. For instance: She has established herself now.

Idiom- Out of question means to indicate something which is not possible

Your promotion is out of question.

Phrasal verb- To bell the cat is a proverb which means to take the danger.

For instance: Who will bell the cat?

Proverb- to blame other

For example: A bad work man quarrels with his tools.

One word substitution: Misanthrope- It means a person who dislikes humankind and avoids human society.

Homophones- These are the words which are pronounced in a same way but are written differently and have different meaning.


Caste- a hereditary class of Hindu society

Eg: He is a Brahmin by caste.

Cast-means to throw away.

Eg: Cast this rotten mango in the dustbin.

Correct the sentence or syntax.


You are elder than Sita. (X)

Here, with elder than is not used. Also elder word is used for near relatives.

The correct sentence is “You are older than Sita.”

This was all for today.

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