Essay on Our Social Evils

Essay on Our Social Evils

Learn to write essay on ‘Our Social Evils’ in English

In today’s video we will learn how to write an essay on the social evils prevailing in our country. This video gives you an outline on how to write the essay on some of the major social evils in India on the basis of which you can write a complete essay.

Begin with the introduction to the essay. You can compare the present times with the past situations. For instance “Our ancient India had no social evils which are present in modern times. It was the golden era but now the days are getting from bad to worse.”

You can write a quotation for making your essay more attractive to the reader.

“Ignorance, superstitions and illiteracy are the root cause of all evils.”

A quotation can be used both in the beginning of the essay and at the end of it.

Main Social Evils in India:

  1. Communalism: the communal riots take place now and then even on petty issues. They cause heavy loss of lives and property.
  2. Dowry: the giant of dowry is opening its jaw widely to swallow the poor and middle class families. Settled boys are auctioned. Heavy cash, two wheelers, T.V., fridge, jewelry, furniture and other things.
  3. Beggary: In religious places, fairs and at railway stations. Everybody has to face the crowds of beggars. This is a great social evil.
  4. Illiteracy: These days the number of illiterate people is increasing day by day. The children are not sent to schools because they are needed to work in fields and factories. Only 40% people are educated.
  5. Superstitions: There are old superstitions in our society. Some people are so superstitious that they do not like to go to the doctors but go to hypocrite saints.


Now it is high time that the government should remove these evils from the society.

This is the format in which you can frame your essay. This is to make you understand what are the main points to be covered when writing an essay.

You should support your essays with facts and figures if you can.

Always end a good essay with a supporting conclusion which can also be in the form of suggestion about what actions can be taken.

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