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Marriage is an important day in everybody’s life, for those who are getting married and also for the family of the bride and the bridegroom.

In today’s video we will help you to learn about a marriage conversation. How the sentences can be framed and some important and new words.


The horoscope was collated.
Horoscope- a forecast of a person’s future.
Collated- compare and analyze.

It is a good omen.
Omen- an event regarded as good or evil.

It is an auspicious occasion.
They are looking for an auspicious day to enter their new house.
Auspicious- conducive to success.

Everything is going well by the grace of well-wishers like you.
Well-wisher- a person who desires happiness and success for others.

The king engaged his daughter to that prince.
His sister had been engaged to my brother.
Engagement- a formal agreement to get married.

To apply an auspicious mark on the forehead.
The bride’s father applied an auspicious mark on the forehead of the bridegroom.
To perform a marriage ceremony.
Clarinet – a musical instrument.
A clarinet is being played.

Canopy- an ornamental cloth covering hung or held up over something.
A canopy was erected/put up.

The bridegroom’s party is going to start.
The bridegroom’s party will start at 8 o’clock at night.

People are dancing and marrying.
The bridegroom’s party will stay in hotel.

Members of the bridegroom’s party
The members of the bridegroom’s party gathered at the house of the bridegroom’s and came to the bride’s house.

Feast- a large meal.
We are going to his marriage party/feast.
To give a marriage feast.

The marriage was performed with great pomp and show.
The bride and the bridegroom put the wedding garland round the neck of each other.

The requisite number of rounds (usually 7) have been taken around the sacred fire.
Wish you a happy marriage/married life.

Congratulation on marriage.
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