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It is often said that first impression is the last impression; hence, it is important that when you meet someone for the first time you introduce yourself to them in a way that they remember you. Let us help you learn some of the basic conversation that takes place while introducing oneself. It will not only help you when you meet people but will add to your communication skills while attending an interview. 

Let us learn some commonly used question answer dialogue for introducing oneself.

How are you?
How do you do?
Hello, let me introduce myself.
Or you can seek permission saying- ‘should I introduce myself?’
Yes please. Is a common reply from the other person.
Please introduce yourself.
What is your good name?
Sir/Ma’am I am Rahul Mishra.
Note- my name is Rahul Mishra is wrong statement.
Where have you come from?
Sir, I have come from Ahmedabad.
In which locality do you live?
What is your phone number?
You belong to which state/country?
All these questions can be normally asked.
I live in sector 11 panchsheel colony.
My phone number is **********.
I belong to Gujarat/India.
I am an Indian by birth.
I am an NRI.
Are you working?
Yes, I am working in a reputed company.
Are you satisfied with your job/ salary?
Yes, of course I am satisfied with my job/salary.
Are you looking for a job?
Yes, I am looking for a job.
Have you applied for some job?
Yes I have sent my resume.
I am expecting for the placement very soon.
Are you studying?
I am preparing for the IAS exam.
What is you qualifications?
I am MBA/B.Tech/B.Sc etc.

These are some of the most common questions which are usually asked in an interview or when you are meeting a person for the first time. This video will help you not only in giving an interview but you can also take an interview easily.
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