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Learning the use of causative verb ‘Get’

In today’s video we will learn about one more causative verb i.e., get. Earlier we have made a video on explaining the use of ‘make’ which is also a causative verb.
We are studying about ‘get’ today because it is more important.

Causative Verb– it is a verb used to indicate a thing or person that makes something happen.

Keep a note that with this, we always use the third form of the verb.
Also take note of the word ‘beat’ the first and second form of which is ‘beat’ whereas the third form is ‘beaten’.
Beat means to hit someone
Here we have two subjects, one who is getting the action done and the other who is actually doing the action and then there is an object on which the action is performed.

Let us now learn the structure of sentences according to the tenses.

Present Indefinite Tense Structure

Subject+get/gets+object+ third form of verb.

I, we, you, they- get
He, she, it- gets

He gets me beaten.
(S)(gets)(O)(Verb 3rd form).

There are two types of objects- Direct and Indirect.

Direct Object- it is always a non living thing
Indirect Object- it is always a living being.

Let us see through example
The teacher taught me english.
Here english is direct object and me is the indirect object.

Present Continuous Tense Structure

Subject+ is/am +are+getting+object+third form of verb

He is getting me beaten.

Present Perfect Tense Structure

subject+have/has+got+object+third form of verb

He,she,it- has
I,we,you,they- have

He has got me beaten.

Past Indefinite Tense Structure

Subject+got+object+third form of verb

He got me beaten.

Past Continuous Tense Structure

Subject+was/were+getting+object+third form of verb.

He was getting me beaten.

Past Perfect Tense Structure

Subject+had+got+object+third form of verb.

He had got me beaten.

Future Indefinite Tense Structure

Subject+will/shall+get+object+third form of verb.

I, we- shall will be used.

He will get me beaten.

Future Continuous Tense Structure

Subject+will/shall+be+getting+object+third form of verb.

He will be getting me beaten.

Future Perfect Tense Structure

Subject+will/shall have+got+object+third form of verb.

He will have got me beaten.
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