जो शब्द किसी Noun या Pronoun का सम्बन्ध वाक्य के अन्य शब्दों से कराता है , उसे Preposition कहते है।  For example –

  • The boys are in the club.
  • The cat is under the table.

Kinds of Prepositions

Prepositions are divided in the following ways:

Simple Preposition Compound Preposition Participle Preposition Phrase Preposition
At, After, By, In, Till, To, Up, Of, On, Out etc About, Above, Before, Among, Around, Behind, Below, Inside, Outside, Between etc Regarding, Concerning, Considering, During etc In case of, In order to, In place of, With regards to, According to, For the sake of, On behalf of, Instead of, By means etc

Position of Preposition

Generally preposition is used before its object (Noun or Pronoun) but sometimes it is not used before its object.

  • जब Preposition का Object कोई Relative Pronoun (That) होता है तो Preposition वाक्य के अंत में रखा जाता है। For example –
  • This is the pen that you asked for.
  • जब Preposition का Object कोई Interrogative Pronoun होता है तो Preposition वाक्य के अंत में रखा जाता है। For example –
  • What are you looking for?

Preposition can be divided in three categories

  1. Preposition of Place
  2. Preposition of Time
  3. Preposition of Movement

Preposition of Place

Preposition of Place is a preposition which is used to show the place where something is located.

Preposition Explanation Example
IN Used to show inside of something (किसी चीज़ के अंदर) The cat is in the room.

I live in Delhi.

AT Used to show exact position (स्थान पे) I met my friend at the bus stop.
ON Used to show that something is in above position (ऊपर) I live on the 7th floor.
BETWEEN Used for two peoples or places

(किन्ही दो स्थानों या लोगो के बीच में)

My house is situated between park and temple.
AMONG Used for more than two places or people (दो से ज्यादा के लिए) She is cleverest among us.
BEHIND At  the back (पीछे) Cat is behind the door.
TO In direction of (दिशा की ओर) I am going to park.
ACROSS Getting to the other side (के पार) She walked across the bridge.
OVER Above or higher than something (के ऊपर बिना छुए) Hold the umbrella over your head.


Preposition of Time

Preposition of time is used to discuss clock time and vacations.

Preposition Explanation Example
ON Used before day and weekend He will come on Monday.
IN Used before months, seasons, years, morning, evening, afternoon I visited Gujrat in November.
AT Used to show particular time, before night I will go out at lunch time.
SINCE From a particular time in past until a later time (तब से अब तक) I have not being in Goa since 2012.
FOR Used to show time I have been working for two hours.
PAST It tells time (समय बताने के लिए) It is ten past five.
TILL UNTILL Upto that time (जब तक) You should wait until she comes.
BY Not later than I shall be there by 5 o’ clock.

Preposition of Movement

Preposition of Movement or Direction are used to show movement. These prepositions are often used after the verb.

Preposition Explanation Example
OFF Away from somebody or something (अलग होना) He will get off the bus at next stop.
ONTO To move to a position (चढ़ने की प्रक्रिया) He got onto the bus with difficulty.
TOWARDS To move in direction of (दिशा की ओर) My friend coming towards me.
AROUND In a circle Let’s go for a walk around the stadium.
ALONG Movement in line We walked along the road.
THROUGH Movement across something The bus went through the tunnel.
DOWN From high to low He will come down in a movement.