” ‘पश्चाताप’ दुःख (पछताना – Regret)” English word and use.

In this English speaking lesson in Hindi, you will learn – ” ‘पश्चाताप’ दुःख ” English word and use. These are very useful English sentences for daily use.
‘पश्चाताप’ दुःख पछताना  -“Regret » (N +V)
1 – I regret my misbehaviour.
2 – I regret that I missed your marriage Patty.
3 – I regret the loss of my purse.
(Noun) (i)  मुझे कोई पतावा नहीं है। I have no regret.
     (ii) I feel no regret about what I did (said)

(Adv.) Regretfully – खेदपूर्वक
(i)   Regretfully, I am turning down your offer ( Proposal)
(ii)  Repent – पापों के लिए पश्चाताप करना (धार्मिक, पुरानी गलती)
She had to repent her Sins.
(iii) Repentant – पश्चाताप करने वाला
He is a repentant sinner.
(Prov.) अब पछताए होत क्या जब चिड़िया चुग गयी खेत।
          It is useless to cry over spilt milk.

I am sure these English sentences would give you a good practice of English. Start using these sentences and make your English fluent and confident.
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