Difference between Despite , Inspite of, However and Notwithstanding

सीखें difference between Despite(होने पर भी ), In spite of(के बावजूद) , However(चाहे ), and notwithstanding(के होते हुए भी , फिर भी ) – हिन्दी to English

In today’s video, we will learn the use of ‘despite’, ‘in spite of’, ‘however’, and ‘notwithstanding’ which seem to be similar words but have a slight difference in their meaning and usage.


It is used to indicate a fight or quarrel between two people.
For Eg: There was a great despite between them.

  • ‘Despite’ also means to remain unaffected by.
    For instance(उदाहरण): Despite being late she could manage to catch the train.
    He did not get the job despite all his qualifications.
  • In spite of- it is a preposition and means to remain unaffected by a particular factor which is mentioned.
    For Instance: He could not pass the exam in spite of all his hard work.
  • Notwithstanding is used as a prepositions, adverb and as well as conjunction. It means nevertheless and although.
    For instance:Notwithstanding the bad weather, the boss arrived in time.
  • However is an adverb and means ‘in whatever way or regardless of something’
    For instance:However hard it may rain, I will go there.
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